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What If Times Of The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Would Return?

Robert Velkey 2017.02.06.

In the latest installment of our new (semi)regular segment, Wow! Really?, we examine little-known or unexpected facts about Hungary and Hungarian culture.

A century ago today, Emperor-King Francis Joseph, the longest reigning ruler of Hungary and the third-longest reigning monarch in European history, died. He died in the place he was born, in the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. For Francis Joseph, has always held a very ambiguous position in Hungarian collective memory, one that persists to the present day such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Anyway, next year 2018, will mark the one hundred anniversary, since Austria-Hungary ceased existing as a country.


In the great times of the Monarchy it was an empire made up of many different peoples and great power. It found its political life full of arguments between the eleven main national groups. It had great economic growth through the age of industrialization. It also saw social changes with many liberal and democratic reforms. That was the “The Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council and the Lands of the Crown of St. Stephen”.

What do you think what if the old empire would have been suddenly recreated today? What it would look like in the terms of territories, population, nationalities, economy and understanding?

Would you live in this multicultural reunion of Central-Europe?

Would you live in this multicultural reunion of the Central-Europe? Do you think, would this empire work on a common consent and without controversy?


via: wikipedia.org; hungarytoday.hu

photos: historydiscussion.net; rappler.com

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