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Three Polish Citizens Accused of Attacking Hungarian Center in Ukraine

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.11.

According to the prosecutor’s allegations, three Polish citizens were hired by a German journalist to burn down a building belonging to the Hungarian cultural institute in an effort to deteriorate Ukrainian-Hungarian relations.

The Mazovian Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland has brought a court case against three Polish citizens. According to allegations, they were behind the burning of the Uzhgorod (Ukraine) headquarters of Zakarpattia Society of Hungarian Culture, a border city of 114,000 people with a significant Hungarian minority.

New Attacks Have Occurred Against the Hungarian Community in Ukraine

According to the Polish news agency, the three Polish citizens have been charged with terrorism. The investigation revealed that the accused received 1,000 zlotys ($267) from a German journalist likely acting on instructions from Russian intelligence.

According to the reports, the prosecution believes that suspect “Michal P.” is a member of the Polish far-right organization Falanga, recruited by two Polish extremists, identified as “Adrian M.” and “Tomasz Sh.”  The perpetrators filmed the attack and sent it to “Michal P.” to provide evidence of the operation’s success.

Apart from this, several other targeted incidents have affected the Hungarian minority in the region: para-military groups have marched and threatened the minority populations of many villages and police have attempted to intimidate Hungarians from crossing the Ukrainian border. Along with this newly erected anti-Hungarian sentiment, Ukraine has been conducting an anti-Hungarian campaign in the local media for months.


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