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Thousands of Hungarian School Children Invited to Sing the ‘Anthem of National Cohesion’ on Thursday

Fanni Kaszás 2020.06.02.

For the second time, Tamás Szarka, Kossuth Prize-winning singer, musician, and composer, invites schoolchildren and teachers from schools across the Carpathian Basin to sing a song together on June 4th, on the Day of National Cohesion to “strengthen the national cohesion of Hungarians around the world.”

Anyone can join the initiative at the link below, and then the participants can learn the song ‘Kézfogás,’ the anthem of Hungarian cohesion, for which the lyrics and music are also available on the same website.

The song ‘Kézfogás’ (Handshake) will be sung by all participants on June 4th at 11.00 am in Hungary and beyond its borders, in hundreds of settlements and cities at the same time. Due to the time difference, people living in the diaspora can of course, join the initiative at a time that suits them. Schools and groups joining the initiative are encouraged to make a video and upload it to the event’s official Facebook page during the day.

featured photo: National Day of Cohesion, 2019. (Zoltán Balogh/MTI)