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Correction – Budapest Planetarium Not Closing Permanently


Almost two weeks ago, in an article entitled Requiem for the Planetarium?”, we wrote that the Budapest Planetarium was scheduled to close this summer. In this, we were mistaken.

While the institution will be closed for a time, it is not shuttering permanently. On the 18th of June, they will have to stop the tours and close the doors, but not forever… as we can read on the webpage of the Planetarium, the building will be undergoing construction.

According the post, they will  be renovating the roof of the Planetarium.

From the 1st of August, the Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge (Hungarian: Tudományos Ismeretterjesztő Társaság) will await the visitors at the TIT Uránia star observatory, located at Sánc u. 3/b on Gellért Hill in Buda.

A few weeks ago, ministers visited the Planetarium and the agreed that the institute should be saved.