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Then And Now – Iconic Scenes Of The 1956 Revolution Revisited

Fanni Kaszás 2018.10.23.

On the 23rd of October in 1956, Hungarian students and young workers staged a peaceful demonstration in Budapest to protest against the ruthless Communist dictatorship forced onto the country by the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War. The protesters drew up a list of sixteen demands aimed at changing the hopeless political situation in Hungary.

Major streets and public squares were the scenes of heavy combat between freedom-fighters and invading Soviet troops during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. To commemorate the heroes of 23 October 1956, we have compiled a gallery showcasing photos of key locations of the revolution with side by side comparisons of their past and present day condition. Join us as we travel back to the days of Budapest’s 1956 revolution:

Grand (József) Boulevard from the corner of Csepreghy Street towards the Nap Street.

Grand (Erzsébet/former Lenin) Boulevard from Dohány Street towards Wesselényi Street.

Grand (Erzsébet/former Lenin) Boulevard, with Barcsay street on the right.

Destruction of the Stalin statue on the corner of Grand Boulevard and Rákóczi Road.

Blaha Lujza Square towards Grand (József) Boulevard, opposite to the Népszínház street.

Heroes’ Square.

Kossuth Lajos Square, the building of the former Workers’ Movement Institute (former building of the Curia (Supreme Court), today the Museum of Ethnography).

Oktogon (former November 7 Square).

Middle of the Margaret Bridge.

Margaret Bridge facing the Buda side.

Széna Square, with the Retek street on the right.

Kálvin Square, with the Baross Square on the left.

Népszínház street from the Grand Boulevard, with the Csokonai street on the left.

Corner of Üllői Road and Grand (József) Boulevard, with the Corvin (former Kisfaludy) köz.

Corner of Grand (József) Boulevard and Corvin (Kisfaludy) köz with the ruined building of the Kilián barracks and a destroyed Soviet tank (T-34/85) in the background.

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