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This morning, Gábor Szarka, the new chancellor of the University of Theater and Film Arts, blocked Facebook, the main communication channel of the students and teachers on strike, on the computers of the offices of the university. Later on, he sent instructions from the rector informing students that they moved the autumn break up, so students and lecturers have to leave the university buildings and the dormitory by 6 pm today.

According to the information of telex.hu, on Friday morning by the chancellor’s order, access to Facebook was blocked on the computers of SZFE’s offices. Although the internet was switched off two days ago in the buildings of the university, there is wired internet in the offices of the university’s Vas Street building, so they were not affected by the new chancellor, Gábor Szarka’s action. By Friday morning, however, Facebook, the site that is the main communication channel for students and those on strike, had been completely blocked on those computers as well.

Theater Uni Protesters Stick to 'Student Republic' Despite New Leadership Taking Hard Line
Theater Uni Protesters Stick to 'Student Republic' Despite New Leadership Taking Hard Line

Gábor Szarka, the new chancellor of the University of Theater and Film Arts, and the two new vice-rectors wrote in a statement on Tuesday that because the students rejected their crisis management package and all attempts at conciliation, they consider the student republic terminated. The students indicated in their response that it “cannot be banned” […]Continue reading

After cutting off the internet, Szarka promised not to turn off the heating and water in the buildings. However, he said if students can lock the building up to keep him out, he can also lock venues from them. Thus, after the locking of Ódry stage, the venue for student forums, it seems those on strike have to leave the whole institution as well, because the chancellor is closing the whole building.

Today, Szarka and one of the new vice-rectors, Emil Novák, sent instruction’s from the rector to the university’s students and lecturers in a circular letter. According to telex.hu, in the letter it is stated that the autumn break in the institution will be moved up and held between October 16-26. During the autumn break, in-person classes are suspended, and the missed lectures and seminars must be replaced in the post-break period. At the same time, head teachers can choose to organize training sessions in the form of distance learning.

A mai napon 18.00 órakor sajtótájékoztatót tartunk az Egyetem Vas utcai épülete előtt.


A sajtó munkatársai mellett várunk minden kedves érdeklődőt is!

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Posted by Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem HÖK on Friday, 16 October 2020

All university students were asked to take home their valuables and their personal belongings as well, because according to the letter, during this period, they may carry out maintenance and disinfection due to the risk the coronavirus pandemic could pose in the university buildings and dormitory. The buildings will therefore be completely closed, noone can stay in them and everyone must leave the university area, including the dormitory, by 6pm on Friday at the latest. During the break, students can only stay in the buildings with the written permission of the chancellor.

However, they also add that the maintenance will not affect the removal of the installations on the facade of the Vas Street building. Szarka also added at the end of the letter that he is confident that a dialogue and joint work can begin after the break. Earlier he said that he “will go as far as I can to end this kind of internal anarchy.”

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