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The Penniless and the Billionaires: Politicians Submit Yearly Asset Declaration

Ábrahám Vass 2019.02.01.

January 31 was the deadline for politicians to submit their obligatory wealth declaration. Most managed to meet the deadline, but, as usual, there is some interesting data.

PM sees minor increase

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s savings have grown to 1.350.000 forints (Eur 4,230). In addition, he and his wife’s loan fell to 3,5 million forints (Eur 11,000).

At the moment, Orbán owns only two properties: one in Budapest and one in Felcsút. He previously owned three, but in 2017, he donated a 5035 square meter property purchased in 2006 to the Foundation for Felcsút Youth Football Development (FUNA). The property in his home village is free to use for up to 50 years.

The PM still doesn’t have a car, other high-value movables or economic interests as his income comes only from public service.

Other government officials

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó has 1.8 million forints (Eur 5,645) in securities and 734 thousand forints (Eur 2,300) in insurance asset funds. His financial institution claims rose to 8.1 million forints (Eur 25,400) from last year’s 4.9 million (Eur 15,400). He still owes his parents the 30 million forints (Eur 94,000) he borrowed for a home purchase. Szijjártó also has no car or economic interests.

Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér and his wife have securities worth 370 million forints (Eur 1.16 million). He also has financial claims worth 1 billion forints (Eur 3.1 million). In addition, he owns five flats in Budapest, one house in Siófok and a Wartburg inherited in 1995.

Cabinet chief Antal Rogán’s invention (a process of authenticating digital signatures he patented a few years ago during his ministership) made him 42 million forints (Eur 132,000) last year. His wealth in properties— a luxury flat in Budapest’s second district and houses in Balatonlelle and Szakonyfalu—hasn’t changed.

PMO chief Gergely Gulyás’ bank account grew from 1,1 million forints (Eur 3,450) to 5 million forints (Eur 15,680) thanks to his ministerial salary (1.8 million forints- Eur 5,645 per month).

Fidesz MP Dr. Judit Czunyiné-Bertalan inherited 17 properties in Bokod.

Opposition leaders

Jobbik leader Tamás Sneider still appears to have no savings, but his loans diminished slightly. He still owns eight properties in Aldebrő and one in Tófalu. He also owns half of a company, but it generates no profit.

President of MSZP Bertalan Tóth has savings of around 36 million forints (Eur 113,263.20), and his debt fell from one million forints to 500 thousand (Eur 1,568). The Socialist leader has a share in two apartments and two unbuilt areas in Pécs, a forest, a company and a law firm.

Democratic Coalition (DK) leader and former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány’s income claimed from his company Altus grew from 227 million forints (Eur 712.000) to 298 million (Eur 935.000). The value of his securities rose by nearly ten percent in one year, reaching 660 million forints (Eur 2.1 million). He reports 14 million forints in savings and still owes 57 million forints (Eur 179,000) for his house in Kötcse.

featured image: illustration; via MTI/ Tamás Kovács

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