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The Gingerbread Villages of Hungary

Ábrahám Vass 2019.12.23.

As Christmas nears, a number of villages have prepared their gingerbread “maquettes.”

Perhaps the most “traditional” gingerbread village is Baranya County’s Geresdlak that has once again made its cookie version this year. There are 350 properties in the village, and everyone is responsible to prepare his/her own home which they put together on the last week before the holiday. Interestingly, dozens of Finnish families live in Geresdlak, who also take their share of the work for the job.

Image by MTI/Tamás Sóki

It took two weeks, 70 kgs of flour, 20 kilograms of powdered sugar and honey, 120 eggs, 6 kgs of margarine and 2 cartons of spice to create the gingerbread version of Csömör, a village near Budapest.

Image by Toochee- Facebook

Somoskőújfalu in Nógrád County has also made its own gingerbread village this year.

Image by MTI/ Péter Komka

This is already the 4th time Vácrátót is represented by gingerbread houses. Sales of the “houses” help the refurbishment of the local kindergarten.

Image by Vácrátót Önkormányzat- Facebook

Image by Vácrátót Önkormányzat- Facebook

Gingerbread village preparation is also becoming a tradition in Zirc (Veszprém County) too.

Zirc’s gingerbread village last year. Image by Zirci Mézeskalácsfalu- Facebook

featured image: Somoskőújfalu’s maquette; by MTI/ Péter Komka