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“That’s One Small Step For Budapest, One Giant Leap For Visitors Of Budapest” – Direct Bus Line Will Connect Downtown And The Airport

Robert Velkey 2017.06.28.

The BKK will launch a direct bus line between Budapest’s city centre and Liszt Ferenc International Airport on the 8th of July 2017.

We have already reported about the plans that were announced by the BKK (the Centre for Budapest Transport), and reported by daily news site index.hu. Thanks to the new service, the trick from the airport to downtown will only take half an hour on buses that run every 30 minutes.

As it now stands, in order to reach Deák from the airport via public transportation, one has to catch the 200E Bus at the airport (the “E” stands for “Express,” although this fact might be less than self-evident due to the 9 stops and 30 minutes that the 12.4-kilometer trip lasts) and take it to the Kőbánya-Kispest metro stop. At this rather depressing-looking station, one then has to get onto the M3 Metro (whose renovated trains were just removed from service due to serious defects) and ride it 10 stops before reaching Deák Square and the city center.

In other words, a trip that would take half an hour by car is currently a 45-60-minute ordeal involving a bus, a metro line, and 19 separate public transportation stops. Naturally, then, the announcement of the direct bus line comes as welcome news to Budapest residents and international travelers alike.

Finally, this express line will cut off the difficulties to get to the airport (and to the downtown) and offers a direct “shuttle”  every half an hour. The buses of the 100E (Experess line) will operate every day between 4:00am to 11:30pm from Deák Ferenc Square, and from 5:00am to 00:30am from the airport.

In addition to Deák Ferenc Square, there will be two more stops  in the downtown, at Kálvin Square and Astoria.

The bus will cost travelers 900 forint for a one-way trip (almost 3 euros).


via index.hu; fonodo.reblog.hu

photos: airportal.hu; 24.hu

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