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Terrorism: Extremists Planned Attack In Budapest, Europol Report Reveals

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.02.16.

EU member states’ secret services and law enforcement bodies are currently keeping record of 2500 individuals who could potentially commit acts of terrorism, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet has reported. According to a 2014 Europol report, the first signs of the present wave of terror were observed by secret services and investigative organisations as early as 2011. Hungary continues to be seen by terrorists as a transit country despite a leader of the Taliban resistance calling for an armed attack in Budapest in 2012.
The plot was uncovered with the help of cooperation betwen Hungarian secret services, the Counter Terrorism Centre (TEK) and European secret services, which has also resulted in terrorists being caught in Hungary who were travelling through the country to commit armed attacks or recruit militants in Western Europe. For example, an individual caught possessing data carriers containing the detailed decription of terror attacks arrived from a Pakistani terror training camp to Berlin through Budapest. The recovered information related not only to earlier attacks but also detailed plans for future plots.
The Hungarian Counter Terrorism Centre has already arrested several individuals in Hungary who were on their way to join terror groups. A Dutch female who intended to become an Islamic State militant was arrested last autumn and two teenage boys who were on their way to a terrorist training camp in Syria were caught in December.
In 2013 alone, 152 terrorist attacks were committed and 535 individuals were arrested in EU member states for taking part in terrorist plots, the Europol report reveals. The figures reflect a growing tendency compared to previous years. Having analysed attacks, secret services also drew up the profiles of perpetrators, who are typically young, second or third-generation Muslim immigrants trained to commit terrorist attacks in Syria, Iraq or Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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photo: pannonrtv.hu