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Terror Threat Has Become Stronger Than Ever In Europe, Hungarian Foreign Minister Says

Robert Velkey 2017.08.23.

Recent events have demonstrated that the terror threat has become stronger than ever in Europe, Hungary’s foreign minister said.

It is a responsibility for European leaders to guarantee the safety of the continent. Those incapable of doing so are unfit to fill their posts, Péter Szijjártó told a press conference on Tuesday. The reaction of European politicians to the latest attacks in Barcelona and Finland are “alarming”, Szijjártó said. After the condolences, European leaders usually move on to say “we won’t be intimidated and won’t let the lives of European citizens be changed”. These leaders “have lost their grasp on reality. If this is all they can do, Europe is in grave danger”, Szijjártó said.

Szijjártó said the summer attacks justify the Hungarian standpoint of keeping migrants outside Europe. “Once they are allowed inside, Europe loses the battle”, he said. Referring to the Barcelona attack, Szijjártó said earlier that “it is obvious to everyone that there is a link between illegal migration and terrorism.” He urged that Europe should protect itself and guarantee the security of its people through strengthening the Schengen borders and changing the EU’s migration policy.

The foreign minister also said in an interview to public television on Wednesday that “in recent times, security in Europe has never been as bad as it is now in the light of illegal migration.” Szijjártó said that terrorist attacks had been carried out by illegal migrants, and in cases where terrorist attacks were carried out by people born in Europe, their parents and grandparents had come to the continent as migrants. As for the latter, their social integration “was a total failure, and parallel societies came into existence in numerous countries in western Europe,” he said.

Terror threat map of Europe, published by Hungarian tabloid blikk.hu (levels by colors / rouge: high, red: average, orange: low, yellow: light)

More and more leaders of European countries are speaking about the need — espoused by Hungary for years now — to keep illegal migration out of Europe and protect its borders,” he said, adding that rather than giving Hungary credit for its position its detractors continued to denigrate it.

via hungarymatters.hu; english.mti.hu; blikk.hu

photos: magyaridok.hu; origo.hu; blikk.hu