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Photos Emerge of Terrible Conditions in Some Hospitals’ Coronavirus Departments

Fanni Kaszás 2020.09.25.

While the number of active coronavirus cases is steadily increasing every day and the number of people in need of hospital care and ventilator treatment is growing as well, more and more information is coming to light about the conditions under which some hospital staff have to work and patients are cared for in COVID-19 departments of some hospitals.

A coronavirus patient came forward earlier this week, who took pictures of the COVID-19 ward and bathroom of the Kiskunhalas hospital. The patient told RTL News that when he was admitted to the hospital he did not believe his eyes seeing the conditions under which coronavirus patients were treated. He added that it felt impossible to heal and be treated there, as everything was in such bad condition that he often cried with his fellow patients.

The conditions are considered inhumane by the patients: there is no hot water, the doors cannot be closed because there are no handles on them. The patient said he feels sorry for those having to work under such conditions. According to him, he would recover faster at home than at the hospital in Kiskunhalas.

Coronavirus patients from the Southern part of the Alföld (Great Plain) region are transported to the Kiskunhalas Hospital. There is a hyper-modern mobile epidemic hospital in the village as well, equipped with modern technology, which could care for 150 patients, but it is currently empty while the hospital has capacity to provide care for the coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus: Orbán Inspects Newly Built Epidemic Hospital
Coronavirus: Orbán Inspects Newly Built Epidemic Hospital

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán inspected on Saturday a newly built temporary hospital in Kiskunhalas, in central Hungary, designed specifically to treat COVID-19 patients. Orbán also visited a facility making protective clothing, as well as the town’s regular hospital. The prime minister is making a series of visits to hospitals and is posting related videos on his […]Continue reading

The Hungarian Medical Chamber also reported similar conditions in an unnamed hospital last week. In the pictures, the doctors’ restroom was shown with a rusty, worn-out, calcareous shower, perforated chair, blackened floor, and a thin, dirty mattress. Physicians working hard to treat coronavirus patients at the hospital’s COVID-19 department have to relax and sleep under these sub-par conditions.

photo: Hungarian Medical Chamber Facebook

The pictures were published by the Hungarian Medical Chamber on their Facebook page on Friday, but they also shared their concerns in a letter with the given hospital earlier this week. The name of the hospital was not shared with the general public, because the Medical Chamber does not “want to suggest with our post that the quality of care in a given institution is not good, and thus take away patients’ trust in the institution. The superhuman performance of our colleagues shows that they are able to provide good quality care to those who turn to them for help.”

featured photo: from the RTL News report