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Terence Hill’s Video Message To Hungarian Fans At Bud Sepencer – Terence Hill Film Fest – Video!

Robert Velkey 2016.11.02.

On the 30th of October, Sunday the Corvin Cinema opened the doors for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fans. The moving-picture theater of Budapest announced the film-fest highlighting the movies of the two iconic actors. Within the program-series they will present five movies; the Crime Busters from 1976, the Who Finds a Friend, Finds a Treasure from 1981, the Go for it from 1983, the Double Trouble, Not Two, Bur Four from 1984 and the Gambling for High Stakes from 1978.


Terence Hill the 77-years-old actor sent a video-message for the Hungarian fans, from Almeria county, Sapin. He tells the story about how he met Spencer, and recounts a funny anecdote about a horse and his friend Bud.

Don’t worry, who missed this film-festival still will have the chance to watch their favorite, iconic Bud Spencer-Terence Hill movies. For five months to come, the Hungarian cinemas monthly will present a Bud Spencer film.

via: origo.hu

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