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Teqball: Football – Table Tennis Hybrid Debuts

admin 2014.07.03.

While most of the world is occupied by the most important footballing event of the year, a new form of the sport has made its debut at the VOLT Music Festival in Sopron. Teqball is brand new sport that is one part football and one part table tennis. It started out as a kickstarter campaign and is a prime example of Hungarian innovation.

The world premiere of the sport is at the Telekom-Teqball stand of the VOLT Music Festival, where visitors interested in the sport can give it a try. The Telekom-Teqball duo will go on to tour the major music festivals of Hungary in order to further spread the word of this innovative and exciting new sport. The first Teqball competition will also be organized, with the final to be held at Budapest’s Akvárium Klub (Club Acquarium).

The rules of Teqball are quite simple and anyone familiar with tennis or table tennis will have no problem getting up to speed. The goal behind Teqball is to give yet another face to the popular sport of football, providing the ability to play this captivating sport in even more ways. Creators of Teqball believe that the game is highly entertaining and can be played by both amateurs and skilled footballers.