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Ten-Times Grammy-Winning Trumpeter To Give Concert In Budapest

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.02.18.

Cuban-born world-famous trumpeter Arturo Sandoval is to give a concert in Budapest’s Palace of Arts next Monday. The artist, who is also renowned as a pianist, has promised to play both instruments at his Budapest concert.
Born in 1949 and currently residing in the United States, Mr. Sandoval is among the few musicians who had a feature film shot of their lives while still alive – it is likely that many became aware of his romantic life and colourful, emotional music from the movie, screened by HBO in 2000.
Mr. Sandoval began his career as a classical pianist, but instead chose jazz as his genre of choice at a young age. In 1973, he was a founder of the band Orquestra Cubana de Musica Moderna, which later rose to world fame under the name Irakere and won a Grammy Award. Despite the band’s successes, Mr. Sandoval left the group and founded his own ensemble, taking to the stage with jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Cobham, Woody Herman, Stan Getz and pop stars.
Arturo Sandoval emigrated from his native country in 1990 to settle in the United States with his family. He was granted US citizenship in 1998. A dozen new Sandoval records have came out since then, which won further Grammy and Billboard Awards. In 2013, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in the White House.
A productive componist and one of the world’s leading trumpeters, Mr. Sandoval has around two dozen records to his name. He was nominated for the Grammy Award on nineteen occasions and won ten times.
The artist, who also holds six Billboard Awards, is arriving for his Budapest concert on 23 February from London and will travel on to Vienna the following day.
via mno.hu
photo: Palace of Arts/Manny Iriarte