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Television Channel TV2 Hit With HUF 14m Fine For Airing Sexual Harrassment Scene

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.06.24.

Hungary’s Media Council has hit the commercial broadcaster TV2 with a HUF 14m fine over a scene of sexual harrassment aired on its reality show “Éden Hotel” which caused a nationwide scandal in April.

The National Media and Telecommunications Authority fined the channel for breaching the right to human dignity and the ban on “self-serving and offensive” portrayal of a vulnerable person for airing the scene, which saw a male contestant trying to persuade his female companion to have sex with him, and insulting her verbally following the woman’s refusal. The channel allowed the episode to be aired and only acknowledged days later that doing so was a mistake.

Beyond the fine, the Media Council has also obliged the channel to publish a statement on the channel’s unlawful conduct at least two times in a time identical to when the reality series was aired and continually on TV2’s website for at least a week.

Because airing the episode was illegal in the first place, the Media Council was unable to examine the effect the scene could have had on minors.