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Magyar Telekom CEO: Expanding Mobile Data Transfer Will Boost Telecom Sector


The information, media and entertainment market, as well as the integration of fixed line and mobile networks could be the future of the telecommunications business, Magyar Telekom CEO Christopher Mattheisen told MTI, noting that the expansion of mobile data transfer, fuelled by video and sharing, could be the engine of growth for the sector. More than just handsets will connect to mobile networks in the future, he added, citing
the examples of wearables and cars.

Telekom’s 4G network coverage has risen to about 80% of the population in Hungary since it acquired spectrum in a frequency tender last year, he said. The company’s number of 4G mobile subscribers exceeded 450,000 last year and it had more than 920,000 TV subscribers, of whom about 450,000 had interactive TV, he added.

Magyar Telekom, a unit of Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, supports the government’s aim to bring broadband internet to all Hungarian households by 2018, two years before the deadline in the Digital Agenda for Europe, Mattheisen said. Magyar Telekom considers the establishment of a regulatory environment that provides incentives for investment, is predictable and ensures equitable conditions for market players of prime importance, he said. This would support an improvement in the country’s competitiveness, spur investments and create jobs, he added.

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