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Teenager Confesses to Brutal Murder of 8-Year-Old in Western Hungary

Tom Szigeti 2018.05.23.

Last weekend, a young girl was killed in the Western Hungarian village of Sóly. Police have already apprehended the alleged murderer, a teenage male also from the same area.

The eight-year-old girl, named Adrienn, was reported missing on Friday evening by her father. The girl’s naked body, and a bloody stone, were found by searchers on the shore of the Séd River, just a few kilometers from her home.

A photo of Adrienn, who was murdered on Friday night. Reportedly, the young girl barely knew the teenager who lured her to the edge of a stream before killing her (Photo: Blikk.hu)

Also on Saturday, police arrested a sixteen-year-old identified as Ferenc F., who has since confessed to killing Adrienn on Friday night. He also accompanied authorities to the scene of the murder.

Hungarian police have reported that the boy undressed the eight-year-old, and murdered her in a “fit of emotion,” but did not give additional details. They also noted that they have yet to confirm suspicions that the young girl was raped before her death.

Speaking to tabloid Bors, Adrienn’s father, Győző, said that his daughter had been out roller-skating with her friends in front of the house, before suddenly disappearing. He also told the paper

I don’t know if I will ever be able to process the loss of my magical little girl.

According to Hungarian tabloid Blikk and right-wing news blog pestisracok.hu, Ferenc had, in the past, mentioned to acquaintances that

he was curious about what it would feel like to kill a person, and that he would try it out one day.

Likewise, the 16-year-old’s acquaintances reportedly told pestisracok.hu that the boy had been aggressive from a young age, and that they were afraid of him.

You can view a video of the accused killer Ferenc F. being processed in police custody below:



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Images via police.hu and blikk.hu

Video via YouTube