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Hungarian teacher union PSZ has called on the government to come to a decision on increasing wages for employees working in the public education sector as part of a package of demands.

In a statement on Wednesday, the union noted it has set the government a deadline of Nov. 22 to meet its various demands. A demonstration will be held in the autumn and a strike mounted in January if the government falls short of them, it added.

Teachers Trade Union PSZ Calls for National Strike If Demands Not Met

The ministry of human resources will soon put forward the proposal for a pay rise and a reduction in the number of classroom hours to the cabinet, the union said, citing information it had received.

However, the union said the wage issue was one among many, and given long-standing problems in public education and a problematic new bill on vocational training before parliament, demonstrations this autumn appeared to be unavoidable.

Teacher Shortage in Hungarian Public Education: At Least 1700 are Needed

The PSZ national leadership will come to a decision on whether to accept the government’s next moves at a meeting on Nov. 22, the statement said.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Balogh/MTI