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Teachers Dealing With the Tragedy Of The Verona Bus Accident Have Difficult Days Ahead Of Them

By Robert Velkey // 2017.01.24.

Two professional psychologist are helping teachers to deal with the tragedy trauma of the bus accident that took place in Italy last weekend. The documents and methods that the psychologists use can be useful for parents trying to discuss the issue with their children, as well.

On the 20th of January, a bus carrying schoolchildren crashed and burst into flames near Verona, killing 16 people, Hungarian students and teachers of Szinyei Merse Pál High School. In response to this tragedy, the Hungarian government announced a national day of mourning that took place yesterday. On Monday, every school in Hungary paid tribute to the victims with special classes to discuss and help process this tragedy, as well as other memorial programs.

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The point of this mementos and programs is not only to pay tribute, but also to help process traumatic feelings. It is important to deal with such feelings, and to find ways to process them. Kinga Kiss, clinical child-psychologist and Liliána Renéta Révész psychologist have been helping the teacher’s psychological work with special handouts and manuals.

According the manual, these class discussions should have a number of aims:

  • To help prevent isolation and depression in children.
  • Decreases the frustration and fear in young students
  • Pay tribute in a worthy way
  • To deal with the mourning and loss together in a community

If you read Hungarian you can have a look at the full manual, here.