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Taxis: Nationwide Legislation To Set Vehicles' Maximum Age At Ten Years


According to new legislation currently being drafted, cars above the age of ten will not be allowed to be used as taxis, but the requirement of uniform appearance will not be extended from Budapest to the entire country.
Zoltán Metál, chairman of the Hungarian taxi drivers’ federation, said that the old cars will have to be retired from serving as taxis until 31 December 2017 in legislation takes effect. Currently, there are around 9500 taxis operating in Hungary, over half of which in Budapest. With regard to the capital, an earlier taxi ordinance has already set the deadline of replacing cars older than ten by the middle of the running year. The average age of taxis stationed outside Budapest is around 8-12 years, Mr. Metál told the business daily Napi Gazdaság.
Beside technical and age requirements relating to the vehicles, the planned legislation will also specify professional qualifications necessary to work as a taxi driver. However, cars will not required to have a uniform appearance under current plans. While the concept of a uniform taxi colour is appealing to rural localities, the issue should be decided upon locally, Mr. Metál said.
The Ministry of National Development is planning to hand in the proposal on regulating the taxi industry on a national level in early February at the earliest.
photo:ás Kismartoni