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Taste The Spirit Of the Fishing On Orfű Festival – Photo Gallery

Robert Velkey 2017.06.26.

Fishing for an alternative? A three-day music fest featured Hungary’s best light music in the southern part of Hungary at the Lake of Orfű. Cold beer and friendly atmosphere was guaranteed! Fishing on Orfű fest was awaiting lovers of instrumental music!

This year’s Fishing On Orfű festival was a triple celebration, as it was the 50th birthday of András Lovasi, one of the founders of the festival; it was the 30th birthday of his band Kispál and the Borz; and the 10th time that the festival itself was being held.


The anniversary festival was held last week in the amazing landscape of the Mecsek Hills and the Fishing Lake of Orfű.

Here you can see a photo-collection showcasing the festival’s spirit:

via: nowmagazin.hu

photos: nowmagazin.hu; index.hu