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The Taste Of The Brand-New Jamie’s In Buda’s Castle District

Robert Velkey 2016.05.27.

British celebrity chef, restauranteur and media personality Jamie Oliver has opened Jamie’s Italian, a new franchise restaurant, in Budapest in the former premises of the Hadik restaurant in the Castle District. For more information about the restaurant, visit our previous article about the opening here.


This time, let us see the taste of the brand-new restaurant according to the gusto and reporting of journalist Györgyi Kalas on After a few days of the opening the restaurant has been tested.

Although it is a huge a restaurant with 105 seats (plus the terrace) in the castle district of Buda, three days after the opening it was full-housed…and not only with tourists. The place is really familiar and according to the method of Jamie’s franchises and style it has a very strict concept by Jamie’s and his personal interior designer Jack de Wettel’s point of views. To build “some local signs” into the design they used the tiles of the Mathias Church at the bar of the restaurant. Anyway, what is the meals like?


To sum up, it is a truly quality Italian restaurant that has opened in Budapest. According to Jamie’s cuisine, every dish has something special in it. Although every food is made by very strict recipes but either of those has a unique taste because of some extra pepper or the  special way of cooking. The cookers works from 150 pre-established recipes to keep the quality with very serious regulations. For example all of the commodities has to be GMO-free, without any genetic modification. Fortunately, it is easy to keep in Hungary, writes

Some of the ingredients are local products such as eggs, vegetables, and meats except for beef – but many of the “Italian ones” imported from the original place, from Italy. For example olives, cheeses and hams are comes from a place where they made those things exclusively for Jamie in Italy.


The wooden plates such as at Jamie’s in London are the parts of the unique Jamie’s Italian’s design. What can we get on the plates? The restaurant is not as expensive as it is in the capital of the United Kingdom, but meals come at a price. A basic pasta with shrimp or truffle costs more than 10 euros (3560 HUF), but a carbonara and the bolognese is around 7-8 euros (2500-2800 HUF). You can find the Every Day Superfood what is a new face of Jamie’s. The point of the deal is the healthy eating, according to this you can order salads with avocado, beetroot, lens and pomegranate for 5-7 euros (1300-2000 HUF). There is also a really nice deal if you are Hungarian, you can get a pasta for 6 euros (1880 HUF) after a registration.


Jamie’s Italian is not authentic Italian cuisine but as it could be expected from Jamie it is a recognition of the Italian cuisine with the spices and the stlye of the celebrity chef.