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The Talmud Is Published In Hungarian By Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation


The first Hungarian translation of various sections of the Talmud was presented in Budapest on Wednesday.

Published by the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH), the edition contains the Hungarian translation of 19 chapters of the Talmud in two volumes containing the original texts in Hebrew and Aramaic with explanatory notes. Presenting the volumes, Slomó Köves, chief rabbi of EMIH, said that the tradition of studying the Talmud had a 300 year history in Hungary. A dozen Hungarian translations of Talmudic sayings already exist but nothing as extensive as the current translation exists, he said.

Oberlander Baruch, the head of the Budapest Orthodox Rabbinate, said the Hungarian edition covers the themes of the Sabbath, the law on settling in the Holy Land, as well as laws governing marriage and divorce, among others.

The Hungarian translation in 1,500 copies received a government grant of 7 million forints (EUR 22,700).

David Lau, Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel attended the ceremony of the Hungarian Talmud presentation on Wednesday. He also had a meeting with the Hungarian Prime minister. Viktor Orbán met with him, for talks in Budapest on Thursday. Parties at the talks discussed issues around government support for the Jewish community in Hungary, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI.  Orbán assured his guest of the government’s unconditional protection for the Jewish community, and said that Jews, similarly to members of all other large religious communities, were granted all forms of support.

The talks were attended by deputy PM Zsolt Semjén, and EMIH chief rabbi Slomó Köves. The chief rabbi expressed pleasure over the prosperity of Jewish life in Hungary, and thanked the prime minister for his support, Bertalan Havasi said.



photos:;; Károly Árvai / MTI