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Tabloid: Hungarian Victims Of The Mysterious Car Accident In Belize Were Buried In Trash Bags

By Tamás Székely // 2017.05.30.

The Hungarian man and woman, who brutally died in a mysterious car accident back in March in Belize, were buried in a disgraceful way during Easter, Hungarian tabloid Bors reported.

Since no family members have shown up after the accident and the Belize hospital has no room to store the remains of the bodies for a long time either, the bones were simply put into trash bags that were buried in the cemetery of Belmopan, the tabloid reported. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry was not informed about the “funeral”, added.

As we reported, the couple might be the victims of a fatal car accident. Their bodies, burned beyond recognition, were found near the city of Placencia on the side of the road in a completely burned out car. However, other sources claim the couple was probably murdered before or during the fire, and the car accident might have been staged.

The Belize Police concluded the investigation of the case, what they perceive as a traffic accident. However, the Hungarian authorities still register the couple as “missing persons”. The man was reportedly involved in a 3 million euros tax fraud in Hungary.

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