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Tabloid: 100-Year-Old ‘Farmer Bálint’ Was Infected with Coronavirus Before He Died

Fanni Kaszás 2020.06.29.

György Bálint, the popular horticultural engineer and TV personality whom everyone in Hungary only knew as ‘Farmer Bálint,’ died last week in the 101st year of his life. Hungarian tabloid Blikk reported that Farmer Bálint was in fact infected with coronavirus that he probably contracted in the hospital, and his widow is now staying in official home quarantine, thus the funeral has to be postponed. 

The ‘gardener of the country’ died last week, and according to information obtained by Hungarian tabloid Blikk, his last coronavirus test at Kistarcsa Hospital was positive. Thus, his wife is now in official home quarantine. The paper also posted a photo of the official quarantine card placed on the house.

‘Farmer Bálint,’ the Famous ‘Gardener of the Country’ Dies at Age 101

According to the tabloid, Farmer Bálint was treated at the Siófok hospital for four days, and on the third day, a coronavirus test was performed, which was negative. Then, the horticultural engineer was moved to an institution near the capital where he also had a negative test result after a few days. But because of the pneumonia he was being treated with, another test was done that had already detected the virus, but by the time the results came in, the patient had died. Shortly after his death, a 100-year-old man also appeared on the government’s epidemiological website as one of the victims of the coronavirus. The family is puzzled by the situation, as György Bálint lived in voluntary quarantine from the first days of the outbreak of the virus, and the family took care of him due to his age.

Due to the widow’s two-week-long quarantine, the funeral of the popular television personality is postponed. The public ceremony will be held on July 14 at 11 am at the Fiumei street cemetery.

featured: photo: Bálint gazda official Facebook