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Table Tennis: Georgina Póta World’s Best European-Born Player

szilagyi.sandor 2014.12.03.

Falling back one place, Hungarian Georgina Póta is currently eighteenth on world rankings, according to listings for December published by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) on Wednesday. It has been eleven years since a Hungarian player has achieved such a high position in rankings.

The 29-year-old, who plays in a Berlin association but lives in Budapest, was 17th on November’s rankings, which marked the best performance of her career. She continues to be the best player in female rankings who was born in Europe. Ms. Póta, of TTC Berlin, will play at the finals of the Woréd Tour series in Bangkok, Thailand, in December, which only sixteen players will have the privilege to attend.

The currently best Hungarian table tennis player has had an outstanding season; she came first in the World Tour’s Category B event in Belgium and finished the mid-October World Cup finals in Linz, Austria, in fourth place.

World rankings are lead by Chinese Ting Ning; only four European players are ahead of Ms. Póta, of which only one, Romanian Elizabeta Samara, is European-born; German Han Ying, Austrian Liu Jia and Swede Li Fen, who plays for a Hungarian team, are all of Chinese origin.

In addition to Ms. Póta, Dóra Madarász and Petra Lovas, in 75th and 97th position respectively, are among the world’s best hundred female players, while Ádám Pattantyús (88.) and Dániel Kosiba (96.) are in the men’s top 100.

via index.hu
photo: index.hu/János Bődey