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Table Tennis: Georgina Póta Progresses To 14th Place On World Rankings

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.04.

Hungarian female table tennis player Georgina Póta has improved four places compared to her previous position on world rankings and is now fourteenth on the latest listing issued by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

In the history of computerised table tennis world rankings, which have been compiled since 2001, only on two occasions has a Hungarian player been placed at a higher position, the Hungarian federation pointed out in a statement issued on Saturday. (Krisztina Tóth was ranked in thirteenth position in January 2001 and subsequently in December 2003.)

29-year-old Ms. Póta, who plays for a Berlin team, came fourth at the table tennis World Coup in October and won the bronze medal at the finals of ITTF’s World Tour series, is the third best player of European citizenship but the best player who has European heritage.

Among male players, two Hungarians – Ádám Pattantyús in 81th place and Dániel Kosiba in 91th position – , while Ms. Póta is accompanied by Dóra Madarász and Petra Lovas, in 75th and 91th position respectively, among the best 100 female players.

The news comes as Ms. Póta’s German team TTC Berlin Eastside has defended its position as winner of the German Table Tennis Coup. At four-match finals held in the German capital, the hosts beat TTG Bingen/Münster-Sarmsheim 3-1. At semi-finals, her team defeated TV Busenbach 3-0.

via index.hu
photo: sportmenu.net