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Szimpla Is Simply The Best: Budapest Ruin Bar Features Among World’s Best On Lonely Planet List

Robert Velkey 2016.05.31.

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel book publisher, has collected the 50 most amazing bars from around the world in a list featuring the fifty must-visit bars in each city.

In connection with Szimpla Kert of Budapest, they clarify the definition of ruin pubs and mention that the place runs an organic market and organizes exhibitions too.


What do you need for a revolutionary good idea in the catering industry? Three university students who are fed up with the traditional pubs and coffee places. 10 years ago, three students opened a little place where they could “take a rest” after their lectures, writes Márk Mervai in his article about Szimpla in 2011. The first coffee house was in Kertész utca where many artists, painters and poets liked to spend their time. By this time, the name was already Szimpla referring to the most simple type and portion café at the bar. After a while, they had to open a garden because they needed more room… This was the first Szimpla Kert.


Today’s Szimpla Kert was the third set-out for the creative team. They have seen something and got the call in a house what was waiting to breakdown. In Kazinczy utca, they got the best place to found the ruin pub between the crumbly walls. Szimpla Kert was going against the style of bars at that time. The founders created a totally new style that hadn’t existed ever before around the world and by nowadays, it is a specific and unique Hungarian thing and attraction such as the Rubik’s Cube or Lake Balaton.


In 2013, CNN also marked Szimpla Kert on a list of the best ruin pubs. On Lonely Planet’s list, besides Szimpla Kert, we can find the first ice-bar from Sweden…


…the steampunk-bar of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Transylvania, and the bar what is under (and in) the largest tree of the world in South Africa.



via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu; index.hu
photos: lh6.ggpht.com; sambawalker.com; szimpla.hu

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