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Foreign Minister Szijjártó: Ukraine’s Stripping Hungarians of Their Rights Unacceptable

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.12.18.

Ukraine’s stripping Hungarians of their rights is unacceptable, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told parliament’s national cohesion committee on Thursday said, adding that tolerating lists of “Ukraine’s enemies” such as one drawn up by nationalist organisation Mirotvorets — which now includes Hungarian leader Laszlo Brenzovics — was also unacceptable.

Speaking at his annual hearing, Szijjártó said he regretted that “Ukraine’s government policy still focuses on putting pressure on the Hungarian community” while the Ukrainian authorities “intimidate and humiliate ethnic Hungarians through means evocative of the darkest Soviet times.” “This behaviour makes Ukraine ineligible for progress in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” he said.

The Ukrainian government’s pledge to make Transcarpathia a common Ukrainian-Hungarian success story was still “at the level of propaganda,” the foreign minister added.

Even when Hungary has provided tens of millions of forints for Transcarpathian institutions, the Ukrainian state has continued to harass and intimidate Hungarians, he said, calling this “shameful”.

EPP Condemns Ukrainian Threats Against Fidesz MEP Andrea Bocskor
EPP Condemns Ukrainian Threats Against Fidesz MEP Andrea Bocskor

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Meanwhile, Szijjártó criticised international organisations for their “hypocritical and shocking” stance of “overlooking what is happening to ethnic communities in Ukraine, including Hungarians.”

Hungary is not planning to lift its veto of Ukraine’s NATO integration “even under pressure from NATO foreign ministers”, Szijjártó said. “They should show solidarity and help terminate this intolerable situation in Ukraine, and then Hungary will talk about assistance to that country,” he said.

Featured photo illustration by Mátyás Borsos/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade