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Szijjártó to Romanian Counterpart: Respect Our Undiscovered Soldier Graves

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.06.

Hungary’s foreign minister has asked his Romanian counterpart to call a stop to construction work in an Austro-Hungarian military cemetery in central Romania that may still hold as-yet undiscovered graves of Hungarian soldiers, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

The Valea Uzului (Úzvölgye) military cemetery is the largest WW1 memorial site in Romania’s Hargita County. However, the local council of the eastern Romanian town of Darmanesti, in Bacau County, has moved to establish a memorial site in the cemetery for Romanian soldiers who fell in the second world war. This has seen the erection of 52 concrete crosses and one large Orthodox cross in the fenced-off cemetery site holding the graves of some 600 soldiers of Austria-Hungary.

Péter Szijjártó held talks with Teodor Melescanu on the sidelines of a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Visegrád Group and the Eastern Partnership countries in Bratislava, discussing the ongoing construction work in the cemetery.

Szijjártó asked Melescanu to intervene with the local authorities in an effort to stop the construction work, saying that building new memorials over potential undiscovered graves would be disrespectful and would violate bilateral agreements.

The minister also urged the two countries’ defense ministries to enter into talks in an effort to resolve the matter.

Szijjártó and Melescanu confirmed their governments’ intent to keep improving bilateral relations, the ministry said.

Photo by Edit Kátai/MTI.