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Szijjártó: Hungary to Reject UN Migration Package

Hungary Today 2018.07.16.

Hungary must withdraw from the process of adopting the United Nations’ global migration package as it would have a binding effect on member states, the Hungarian foreign minister said.

Hungary must clearly state that it will never accept as binding any of the package’s provisions, Péter Szijjártó told MTI in New York where he attended a series of meetings discussing the draft.

“The final text goes completely against common sense, it is in conflict with Hungary’s interests and efforts aimed at restoring stability in Europe”, he said.

The draft is aimed at “recklessly promoting migration” and focuses “exclusively on the interests of Africa and South America … as it defines migration as a fundamental human right,” Szijjártó insisted. “This is a false approach,” he added.

If adopted, provisions of the document could trigger further waves of “millions” of migrants, Szijjártó said. Under the package, member states would be obliged to “provide all services to each migrant, and those services should be equal to ones provided to local residents,” the minister said. The minister said he would propose that the government should quit the approval process and “make it clear that it does not consider any of its provisions as binding”.


Countries against UN migration pact to benefit

Countries rejecting the UN’s planned Global Compact for Migration could be “best off”, the Hungarian foreign minister told public Kossuth radio.

Péter Szijjártó argued that the concept of the draft posed serious risks as “it defines migration as a fundamental human right” and “could be taken by anyone as an invitation”. Szijjártó noted that the United States had announced its withdrawal from the pact in December 2017, adding that other countries such as Singapore and Australia had also stated concern and dissatisfaction with the compact.


Hungary’s security stays top priority

Hungary and its citizens’ security continues to be the Hungarian government’s “number one priority”, Péter Szijjártó said in New York on Friday. During talks on the United Nations’ global migration package, Szijjártó said that Hungary has recently seen “what illegal migration is like, when crowds of people cross the country to reach better-off western Europe”.

The Hungarian government disagrees with the final draft of the package, because it sees it as “one with the rights of migrants at its centre”, Szijjártó said, and insisted that “focus should also be given to the rights of those that want to live in peace and security in their own homelands”. In Hungary’s view, illegal migration should not be encouraged. Finding adequate solutions to labour market and demographic challenges should be each country’s decision, he said. Hungary’s migration policy is based on common sense, he said. Only legal entries are allowed in Hungary, he said.

“We shall preserve Hungary a Hungarian state,”

he said. Speaking to MTI on the phone, Szijjártó insisted after the meeting that the package “is the same game as they played with the quotas in the EU … at first they made it seem as if the quotas would be voluntary and they turned out to be mandatory”. The package would be made a part of international law, and member states would be required to create national programmes of implementation, he said.


featured image: Péter Szijjártó during the talks on the United Nations’ global migration package. Image: KKM via MTI