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Szekler National Council’s National Region Signature Drive Nearing ‘Finishing Line’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.11.07.

The Szekler National Council’s (SZNT) signature drive aimed at ensuring European Union protection for ethnic regions across the community is nearing the finishing line, a foreign affairs representative told public news broadcaster M1 on Saturday.

For SZNT’s European Citizens’ Initiative to be successful, additional signatures must be collected in four more countries, Attila Dabis told the programme.

So far Hungary, Romania and Slovakia have collected more than the required number of signatures in proportion to their population.

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The required number of signatures in Lithuania and Croatia is expected to be collected in the next couple of hours, Dabis said. In Lithuania, 90 percent have been collected with support mainly of the local Polish community, while in Croatia that figure was 87 percent, garnered with support of the local Hungarian, Serbian and Czech communities, he said.

The initiative is expected to be backed by a sufficient number of votes of the Catalan and Basque communities in Spain, he said, adding that in Slovenia it has been backed by one-third of the required number of signatures.

The Szekler National Council launched the initiate last May. The European Parliament voted in July this year to push back its deadline to Nov. 7 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative needs at least one million signatures from at least seven EU member states across the 27 bloc.

Featured photo illustration by Zoltán Máthé/MTI