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Szeged Open Air Theater Festival Begins

admin 2014.07.07.

The Szeged Open Air Theater Festival (Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok) began as Minister for Human Resources Zoltán Balog officially opened the event on the eve of July 4. The first play was Greek dance classic Zorba, directed by the festival’s art director Gyula Harangozó.

Set on the city’s beautiful Dóm square (Dome), the festival is one of the most popular theater events of the summer and is one of the most prominent events of Szeged. Zoltán Balog in his opening speech stated that the unique meeting of art and sacrality of Szeged and the Dóm square give a particular atmosphere to the festival. If the art is good, the sacrality will inspire us to go further, said the minister.

László Botka, Szeged’s mayor spoke about the cultural heritages, “Preserving by renewing” has been the motto of the city for a decade, and that is precisely the uniqueness of this festival. Botka said that “by renewal and preservation Szeged, year after year arrives in Europe, and Europe finds its home in Szeged.”

Photo: Gitta Bátyai