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Syrian Man Arrested in Budapest on Sexual Assault Charges

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.01.05.

According to an article on Hungarian news site, a male Syrian citizen, who has been living in Sweden under refugee status since his arrival to Europe five years ago, came to Hungary illegally in December.

The man apparently had rented an apartment in Budapest’s 12th district, but did not have an official Hungarian place of residency.

Speaking to, the Budapest public prosecutor’s office had earlier stated that the 12th district public prosecutor, with a judge’s assent, had temporarily detained a male Syrian citizen, under suspicion of sexual assault against a Hungarian woman in the city.

According to the news site, the man met the alleged victim in a bar in the early hours of January 1st; supposedly, he introduced himself to the woman as being Greek.

The suspect then began to engage in sexual activity with the alleged victim, which began with the woman’s consent; however, the man supposedly became increasingly aggressive and rough, and for this reason the woman clearly withdrew her consent, and asked the suspect to stop. At this point, according to the news site, the man forcibly continued sexual acts, against the alleged victim’s wishes.

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