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Swimming Star Katinka Hosszú Publicly Tears Up Federation’s Contract After Bitter Dispute Goes Public

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.01.06.

Hungarian swimming star Katinka Hosszú has torn up a contract settlement offered to her by the country’s swimming federation after a bitter row between her and the organisation became public.

I am sorry to have to stand here, but I received this contract offer from the Hungarian Swimming Federation the day after my December press conference. I think the federation only intended to silence me with this. In theory, I was given the money for my preparation, but the contract includes only a single provision: I’m supposed to take part in the promotion of the 2017 World Championships. Just as [chairman] Tamás Gyárfás made the basic requirements of my preparation dependent upon my participation in promoting the World Championships.

The dispute between the several-times World and European Champion female swimmer and the federation broke out before Christmas, with Ms. Hosszú claiming in a statement that “the system is flawed and she cannot further pretend that everything is in order”. Later, the federation announced that it is offering a Christmas bonus ranging between HUF 2 and 10 million to its swimmers. Following a period during which the swimmer refused to communicate with her trainer, she gave a press conference on Wednesday during which she claimed that the federation is “dishonest” and granted her the generous sum to “buy her silence”.