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Swimming Legend Katinka Hosszú To Take Legal Action Against Doping Claims

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.05.26.

Speaking at a press conference today, Hungarian swimming legend Katinka Hosszú has denied claims that she had been taking illegal substances to boost her performance.

Ms. Hosszú, who was named FINA Swimmer of the Year in 2014, explained that the article that appeared in Swimming World Magazine’s online edition contains serious errors and even the author has acknowledged that there is no evidence to support the claims. The case will be handled by a team of lawyers in the future, she said.

“I have never taken performance-enhancing substances and I thoroughly believe that there is no money, reputation or victory that could prove that it was worth selling my soul”, the three-times World Champion swimmer said. In reaction to the suggestions that she had been taking illegal substances published in the online article last Wednesday, he read out a statement approved by her lawyers. It stataes that “anyhow, I am able to state here and now that I will tell Mr. Barrett in the appropriate time and location personally that he has committed a serious mistake and gravely offended me – besides doing harm to the sport. His accusations are completely false and he has admitted himself that he holds no evidence whatsoever”, the 26-year-old swimmer said, indicating that the case sparked by the claims of former Canadian swimmer Casey Barrett is now in the hands of a team of lawyers.

photo:án Huszti