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Sweeping Triumph Of The Hungarian “Dancers” On European Pole Sport Championship In Prague

Robert Velkey 2016.09.27.

The Hungarian girls had great successes at the European Championship of Pole Sport in Prague. The pole dancers grabbed two of the gold medals and two of the silvers in Prague.

Professional Woman Solo: Noémi Marosvölgyi – gold medal

Professional Woman Solo: Eszter Szlávy – silver medal

Amateur Woman Solo: Dorottya Litkei – gold medal

Women Duo: Noémi Marosvölgyi & Eszter Szlávy – silver medal


It was the first time to stand on the top of the podium for Noémi Marosvölgyi and Dorottya Litkei. Eszter Szlávy captured a European Champion title, third time in her life already.

This year, Prague will hold the World Championship too.