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A Swedish Blogger’s Favorite Things About Hungary!


Alex Waltner, the blogger behind the travel journal Swedish Nomad, has recently made quite a splash in the Hungarian media with a recent article in which he listed 55 reasons why everyone in the world should visit Hungary at least once (or more than once) in their lifetime.

With his last, Waltner is also honoring his Hungarian ancestry and his grandfather. The blogger visited Hungary several times to discover his roots and explore the whole country, and compiled a list of 55 things that he most liked about his grandfather’s homeland.

Not surprisingly, Hungarian food, wines, palinka, Budapest and Lake Balaton all made the list. Below, we have collected some of our favorite – or more precisely, unusual – items from Waltner’s list. Enjoy!


There’s a statue that will make you a great writer

According to the legend, you shall become a great writer if you touch the pen of the anonymous statue.

Off the beaten tourist path

Except for Budapest, the rest of the country will not be crowded with tourists most of the times. Hungary could be considered as an off the beaten path destination, which makes it even more exciting to explore!

Hungarian embroidery and lace

Perfect to bring home as a souvenir.


Europe’s largest pinball museum

A really cool place where you can play almost any pinball machine you can imagine!



The fourth largest city in Hungary is also worth a visit to the Castle of Diósgyőr and the wooden church. From Miskolc, it’s also easy to get to Bukk National Park and Lillafüred.


Everywhere you go in Hungary, you will see old and beautiful architecture. In Budapest, you can walk around a whole day, just looking at old buildings and still haven’t seen them all. But also in other cities you will see some impressive architecture!


Interesting and unique folk tradition

Hungarian culture and traditions are some of the best-preserved ones in Europe. They go back to the old days, and as a tourist, it will be very interesting to attend events and festivals.


A world heritage site and also the longest stalactite cave system in Europe. If you like to explore underground, then you shouldn’t miss Aggtelek in Northeastern Hungary!


Hungarian hip hop

You might not understand a word of this, but it’s still catchy.

Beautiful people

Both Hungarian men and women are famed for their beauty, but it’s not only the outside appearance that is beautiful, also the inside. Hungarians hold on to tradition and culture. The hospitality is great too, and guests are being well-taken care of.


featured photo: Instagram (@swedishnomad)