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Sweden Returns Mentally Disabled Hungarian Orphan To Hungary Despite Government’s Efforts To Help Her Stay With Aunt

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.08.28.

No legal, political or financial solution could be found to help a young, mentally disabled Hungarian woman stay with her aunt in Sweden, and she is now on her way back to Hungary, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has said.

Fruzsina Wilhelm, a 20-year-old orphan, had been living with her aunt in Malmö for two years, since her Hungarian guardian stopped supporting her. In March, the Swedish authorities, which provided her a monthly disability allowance, indicated that she would be returned to Hungary for financial reasons. Mr. Szijjártó said Hungary’s foreign ministry had exhausted all avenues to try to find a solution to Ms. Wilhelm’s situation out of humanitarian concern. Hungary offered to hand over the amount in Hungarian benefits for which Ms. Wilhelm is eligible but Sweden refused, he said. The Swedish foreign minister indicated at talks that “a political solution cannot be offered in this case,” he said.

Sweden’s decision comes despite a YouTube video clocking up over one million views, a petition and a fundraising campaign in support of the young woman, who has the mental capacities of an 8-year-old. After Swedish immigration authorities decided that supporting her for the rest of her life represents “too great a burden” for the State, she was told to turn up at the authority with a Hungary-bound air ticket in February and will now be housed in an institution for disabled people at Tordas, near Budapest.

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photo: Utvisad, föräldralös och förståndshandikappad/Facebook