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Surveys: Ruling Parties Extend Lead As Majority Back Fight Against Migrant Quotas

Tamás Székely 2017.09.07.

With seven months to go until the general elections in Hungary, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats alliance enjoys 47.4 percent support among decided voters, the research director of pollster Nézőpont Institute said on Thursday.

Pro-government think tank Nézőpont compiled data from 5 pollsters, Dániel Nagy said on public television. The parties’ share of votes is similar to those before the 2014 elections, making a two-third majority possible, he said.

Radical nationalist Jobbik was backed by 19.4 percent, the Socialists by 14.26 percent, Democratic Coalition (DK) stood at 5.8 percent, green party LMP at 4.6 percent and Momentum at 3 percent. Satirical Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Two-tailed dog party) and Együtt (Together) each had 1.6 percent of the votes, while Dialogue and the Liberals both stood at 0.6 percent.

Since the last elections, new parties have been formed on the left, so the exact outcome will depend on which opposition parties decide to join forces for the race, Nagy said. Supporters of DK and the Socialists tend to fluctuate between the two leftist parties, he said. Kétfarkú Kutya, LMP and Momentum said they would not enter into a campaign coalition, which might fracture the opposition, Nagy said.

72 percent against migrant quotas

Almost three quarters of Hungarians surveyed by the government-friendly Századvég Foundation before Wednesday’s European court ruling want the government to pursue its fight against the European Union’s mandatory migrant resettlement scheme.

Fully 72 percent of respondents said the fight should continue even if the European Court of Justice rejected the Hungarian lawsuit, Századvég said. The Luxembourg-based court yesterday dismissed a case launched by Hungary and Slovakia challenging the legality of the EU’s migrant resettlement scheme.

Of the 1,000 respondents asked between September 1 and 4, fully 88 percent had heard about the lawsuit. Only 22 percent said Hungary should comply with the ruling. Altogether 97 percent of Fidesz voters and 80 percent of Jobbik voters said the government should “fight on”. The same was true of a third each of LMP and Socialist supporters. The majority of those without party preferences would not comply with the EU’s migrant quota scheme either, Századvég said.

via hungarymatters.hu and MTI