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Survey: Rejection of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine in Hungary Still High

Hungary Today 2021.02.11.

A recent survey conducted in Budapest shows that Hungarians are still feeling distrust towards the Russian and especially the Chinese vaccines. Also, there are differences in the attitude toward vaccination based on age and political affiliation.

According to a representative survey conducted in Budapest by Medián and 21 Research Center, among people over the age of 18, one in two respondents would definitely get vaccinated, 37% said they might get inoculated, and only 13% will refuse vaccination.

Compared to KSH’s most recent national survey which shows an improving acceptance rate among Hungarians, the proportion of those who are certain or likely to get vaccinated was only 67% compared to those registered to receive it (87%) in Budapest.

Survey: Coronavirus Vaccine Acceptance Growing in Hungary
Survey: Coronavirus Vaccine Acceptance Growing in Hungary

A growing number of people in Hungary have expressed a willingness to be vaccinated against coronavirus, pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet said on Tuesday, citing a Nézőpont Institute survey. Currently 45 percent indicated a readiness to receive the jab. Positive experiences reported by people who have received the vaccine and public campaigning by various public figures […]Continue reading

The survey found several significant differences based on age and party affiliation.

Although between the ages of 18-29 only 34% of respondents said they would certainly get vaccinated, this rate was 69% among those over 65.

The survey did not find major differences between respondents who support and those who oppose the Orbán government, but between affiliated and independent voters including those who oppose every traditional party and the political elite in general.

Chief Medical Officer: Russian Vaccine to be Used First in Budapest
Chief Medical Officer: Russian Vaccine to be Used First in Budapest

Inoculations in Hungary using the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will start in Budapest, the chief medical officer said on Tuesday. Cecília Müller told a press conference that 560 GPs in the city will each be asked to select five of their patients who do not suffer from any chronic underlying illnesses, who would then be […]Continue reading

58% of voters supporting the government parties and 53% of opposition voters would definitely vaccinate themselves, while only 38% of unaffiliated voters would do the same.

The survey also shows a strong contrast in the support rate for the different Covid vaccines. Most people (84%) want to receive the European or American vaccines, only 43% would accept a Russian, and only 27% would get injected with a Chinese one.

Broken down by party affiliation, we see that if offered, 79% of pro-government voters would accept a Western vaccine, 66% a Russian, and only 45% a Chinese.

Meanwhile, 90% of respondents supporting opposition parties would trust a Western vaccine, 29% a Russian and 13% a Chinese one.

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Rosta/MTI