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Survey: Preserving Christian Culture Important to Majority of Europeans

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.04.17.

The majority of European Union citizens believe that Europe’s Christian culture and traditions must be preserved, a survey prepared by pro-Fidesz Századvég and released on Wednesday showed.

Századvég, in cooperation with Kantar Millward Brown Hungary, polled citizens of 35 countries in the EU, Ukraine and the Western Balkans by phone between January 7 and March 31.

Nearly 60 percent of EU citizens said Europe’s Christian culture and traditions must be preserved and 31 percent said it was time to leave behind Christian traditions and progress to a more globalised culture, Századvég said.

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Two-thirds of citizens from the former communist block countries and the Visegrad Group said it was important to preserve Christian culture and only slightly more than half of citizens from the founding countries of the EU said the same, the survey showed.

Nearly 80 percent of Hungarians said Christian traditions must be preserved. Next to Hungarians, Bulgarians and Czechs consider it most important to preserve Christian traditions, Századvég said.

On the featured photo: the temple of Gyöngyös. Photo by Péter Komka/MTI