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Survey Finds Hungarians Spend On Average €127 On Christmas This Year

Tamás Székely 2016.12.15.

Hungarians on average will spend 40,000 forints (127 euros) on Christmas this year, a survey by NRC market research shows.

The survey, conducted for CIB Bank, also indicates that more than half of the population will have no more than 25,000 forints for the same purpose, while only 13% of all respondents will spend 75,000 forints or more. Three quarters of respondents said they would buy Christmas gifts from their last month’s wages, and 22% would use their deposits. Four percent said they would take out a loan of an average 25,000 forints.

The majority of the people 77 percent go to Hypermarkets, 67 percent shops in malls, 54 in discount stores and 50 percent of them buys the presents in charismas fairs or online. Half of the answerers said they finance the holiday expenditure from their monthly salary, but 22 percent spend their saving on this purpose. Just 4 present of the examined population answered the commercial credit as a financial source for the Christmas; the majority uses just their credit cards. 20 present of Hungarians save some money for the Christmas period, many of them the already start in October.

The most popular presents, which people want to see under the Christmas tree, are: cash, vacations and concert tickets, handmade gifts. Books, smart phones, CD-s and clothes are also popular, 16 present of people said they would be happy to get them at Christmas.

The survey also shows that Christmas in Hungary is still a family-oriented holiday: nearly 90% said that they would spend the holidays at home with their families.

via and MTI