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Survey: 180,000 People Voted in Local Elections Only Due to Borkai Scandal

Hungary Today 2019.10.28.

Three percent of those who have heard about the sex and corruption scandal of Győr’s Fidesz mayor Zsolt Borkai, have decided to vote in the municipal elections only because of this, leftist daily Népszava reported, citing a fresh survey by Publicus Institute.

Reacting to the results of the local elections in a radio interview the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said  “we will never know whether it [Borkai affair] was represented in the ballot box,”, but in its recent survey, Publicus Institute tried to unravel what the consequence of the mayor’s sex and corruption scandal was in vote numbers.

The poll conducted directly after the election shows that 74% of the Hungarian people have heard of the scandal.  With an estimated 8 million voters in the country, this means around 180,000 people have voted specifically due to the Borkai affair. In addition, 1% of respondents stayed away from the local elections due to the incident.

Local Elections – Fidesz’s Borkai Re-elected Mayor of Győr Despite Scandal

Pensioners were even more stirred by what happened: 6% voted only because of the scandal, which is between 120 and 130 thousand people among the entire population.

A seventh of the respondents thought the Borkai affair alone was the reason that the joint opposition did better than expected in Budapest, in cities with county rights, and larger rural cities in Hungary. Even pro-government respondents and one-fifth of the villagers say the opposition forged ahead due to the incident.

Although the Borkai affair mobilized many, it alone would not have been enough for Fidesz-KDNP to lose dominance, as the scandal affected approx. 236,000 people, while a total of around 3.9 million voted.

MOB Dismisses Győr Mayor Zsolt Borkai but Keeps Annuity (For Now)

According to research, most people blamed the ruling parties for the results: 37% of those asked said they were simply fed up with Fidesz-KDNP, which was even more important, as in most places the opposition nominated one joint candidate against Fidesz.

Budapest citizens believe in the joint opposition the most (53%) while only one-fifth of villagers believe that the full opposition cooperation has caused Fidesz-KDNP to lose in many places.

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