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Survey: 18% of Hungarians Favor Legalizing Marijuana


According to a recent survey by government-friendly think tank the Nézőpont Institute, nearly one-fifth of Hungarians support the legalization and regulated sale of marijuana.

The survey, commissioned by Hungarian tabloid Blikk, showed that fully 73% of the survey’s respondents were opposed legalizing the sale of marijuana compared with 18%, who were in favor of it.

Altogether 11% of respondents told Nézőpont that they had experimented with marijuana at some point in their life. This means that, in fact, there are more people who support the legalization of marijuana, than who have actually tried the drug.

A graph showing, on top, those who support (green) and oppose (red) marijuana’s legalization, and on the bottom, those who have (green) and have not (red) tried marijuana (Image:

The survey found that there is currently no social group whose majority favors legalizing the drug. Legal marijuana use has the highest support among 18-29-year-olds, with 34% of this age group backing it.

Fully 28% of Budapest residents think selling marijuana should be made legal, as do 39% of self-declared “upper-class” Hungarians.

Among those who have tried marijuana, 57% support its legalization compared with 33% who are against it.

The survey was conducted between June 6 and 8 with a sample of 1,000 adults. The margin of error in this survey was 3.2%, meaning that actually results could be that much higher or lower than those reported.

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