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Supporters’ Camp at Elisabeth Bridge for Water Polo Euro Championship

admin 2014.07.25.

All remaining matches of the Budapest Water Polo Euro Championship can be viewed at the Pest side of the Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) at a free entry supporters’ camp, presented the main sponsor Vodafone on Wednesday, reported by news agency MTI. There are three days left for the Water Polo Euro Championship, but the most important ones are still ahead as the Vodafone Water Polo Arena awaits supporters.

“Thanks to national television M1 all men’s and women’s water polo matches can be watched live at the supporters’ camp, including the semi finals and the final”, said György Beck, president of Vodafone Hungary, co-chairman of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation.

The arena, located on March 15 square (Március 15. tér) at the Pest side of Elisabeth Bridge, opens every day at 10:00, and with its 8×16 meter transparent pool can showcase the sport in a unique and exciting way.

Dénes Kemény, chairman of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation said in connection with the great interest for the Euro Championship the number of spectators, including the ones sitting at the Hajós Swimming Stadium, reaches 50.000. Kemény hailed the interest significant, and said that both men’s and women’s teams cannot disappoint us, as they have already managed to qualify into the semi finals. (MTI)

Photo: waterpolo.hu