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Sunset Is “On Air” – Shooting Of Oscar-Winning Director László Nemes New Film Started On Monday

Robert Velkey 2017.06.14.

Hungarian director László Nemes, whose last film “Son of Saul”, has begun shooting his new movie, ‘Sunset‘ 

According to Laokoon Filmgroup’s official website, Sunset takes place in Budapest and the countryside of Hungary in the beginning of the 1900s. Sunset is the story of a young woman in the Budapest of the 1910s. It is the story of how a girl becomes a woman at the sunset of Europe, before the 20th century civilisation darkens. “We’ve been working on this movie plan for many years with my colleagues, we’ve been preparing the shooting for months with happiness and excitement, as it will recall the life in the heydays of Budapest. It’s an honour for me that I can work with the same professionals, with whom I worked in Son of Saul. Sunset is going to be a very different movie, but similarly original and innovative. We’re facing great challenges” said the director. “Sunset is about a fall of a civilization, when everything falls. I don’t speak about decadence but I want to show and present the rhythm of life”, László Nemes said to news site hvg.hu.

Actress Juli Jakab will be playing the lead role in Nemes’s new film.

The male lead will be played by Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov, best known for his role in the film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.

Filming on Nemes’ latest project started on Monday and; Sunset will hit cinemas in 2018.

The screenplay was written by László Nemes Jeles, Clara Royer and Matthieu Taponier. The film’s cinematographer is Mátyás Erdély, the visual designer ise László Rajk, the costume designer Györgyi Szakács, the composer László Melis, and the sound designer is Tamás Zányi. Sunset is produced by Laokoon Filmgroup, under the leadership of producers Gábor Sipos and Gábor Rajna. The premiere is scheduled for 2018.

The Hungarian National Film Fund is supporting Nemes’ new movie, Sunset, with around 4.9 million euros (one and a half billion forints). This is the second biggest grant ever given to a Hungarian movie.

via: dailynewshungary.com; hvg.hu;

photos: hvg.hu; origo.hu

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