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Summer Time Is Festival Time – Hungarian Festivals On The Map

Robert Velkey 2017.06.14.

Hungary is well known for its great festivals, such as the world-famous Sziget Festival or the Sound Festival at Lake Balaton, but there are smaller and more cosy events too. You can read about the line-up of the festivals in Hungary this summer, and have a look at their prices  too, below. 

Hungarian news portal has created a map of Hungary’s festivals. As can be seen below, there are some regions of Hungary that  are hosting numerous festivals for the summer. However, we can see the emptier regions, where there are not really any programs being planned.

We can find more festival locations in the western part of Hungary, especially near the “Hungarian Sea,” Lake Balaton, and in the area surrounding the “Mediterranean city of Hungary”, Pécs. The Eastern part of Hungary unfortunately looks like a “great plain” on the maps of Hungarian festivals.

About the prices you can find various options to go… It is not a surprise that great festivals can be a serious expense for the visitors. A one-day ticket to the “Island of Freedom”, Sziget, costs more than 20,000forints (almost $70 USD). also put together a chart to examine which festivals are the cheapest, and which the most expensive. To do this, they averaged the prices of each festival’s most expensive and cheapest passes and tickets. They kept in mind the fact that usually you can get cheaper passes and tickets if you buy them earlier. By the way, the Sziget Festival’s ticket has the greatest difference between the “early bird tickets” and “tickets that can be bought at the entrance”, namely a difference of over 13,000 forints (or about $50).

Here you can have a look at the Hungarian festivals ranked by their prices: