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Summer in Hungary: Szigetköz, the Gift of the Danube

Fanni Kaszás 2019.08.30.

Hungary Today’s new, recurring series ‘Summer in Hungary’ takes a look at some of the best places to enjoy the summer weather and spend your holidays. We will collect some of the most beautiful and fun Instagram pictures, from a relaxing weekend at the beaches of Lake Balaton and Velence, the Balaton Cross Swimming and the Kékszalag Regatta, to rooftop bars, confectioneries, and wild parties at the best Hungarian music festivals. This week we are exploring the Szigetköz, the largest island of Hungary. 

Between the Danube’s main channel and the Moson-arm lies Szigetköz, a watery island plain, part of the Little Hungarian Plain (Kisalföld) with small, scattered villages, originally known for fishing and wildfowl. The name Szigetköz literally means “island alley,” as the whole area – mainly moorland, partially drained and recovered through canalization – lies on an island, the largest of its kind in Hungary. It is commonly called the “Gift of the Danube,” with diverse flora and fauna, rich in game and fish. Besides the Danube branches, it has a lot of quarry lakes, making the island a fishing paradise.Water tour enthusiasts are welcome to cruise along the Danube branches which are aligned with gallery forests and diverse landscapes, promising an unforgettable experience for those exploring it by kayak or canoe.


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Csupa csoda… #mosoniduna #rajka #dunakiliti #dunasziget

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featured photo: Gábor Móricz/Instagram